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Junior Competition


AIM: The programme is designed to teach children the basic fundamentals of golf, including the rules until they reach a stage where they are competent enough to achieve their Australia Golf Handicap.

COACHING: Is given by playing on the course, practise fairway & in-house instruction. Coaches, Peter Jeffery & Mark Walter, are certified level 1 golf instructors with the Australian Institute of Sport.

DRESS CODE: All children are encouraged to be dressed neat and tidy at all times and they must wear a hat. Soft soled shoes are accepted footwear.

BEHAVIOUR: Children must behave accordingly whilst in the programme and no untoward actions against other children will be accepted. Swearing and or abusive language will not be tolerated. Deliberate damage to equipment or club property is unacceptable.

PENALTY: Children may be suspended from the programme or removed altogether in serious breaches of the behaviour policy.

PARENTS: Are encouraged to walk with their child whilst on the course and interact with them in certain activites. We ask that parents do not coach their child on the course nor discourage them or other children in any way.

THE PROGRAMME: Junior Golf is played each Sunday morning, starting at 9.00am unless otherwise advised.

COST: A fee of $4.00 for each child is charged. All monies received are put towards the betterment of the programme.

MAJOR ACTIVITIES: A junior championship is held each year on a nominated date followed by a free presentation day with an invite to all junior family members to attend. Other events held are Mothers and Fathers day, where parents are urged to participate with their children. 

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